Areas of Financial Advice

Experience has taught us that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach has never been appropriate to financial planning.  At Capel Court we pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to thoroughly and comprehensively consider, review and discuss what your main financial priorities are.  Having listened carefully to what it is you want and need we can then determine how we can help you with any or all of the following areas of advice:

  •  Life, Health and Income Protection
  •  Investment Planning
  •  Retirement Planning
  •  Inheritance Tax Planning & Trusts
  •  Equity Release
  •  Long Term Care

Capel Court Plc has chosen to provide advice from a focussed group of providers for a wide range of products.  We believe that by limiting the range of providers and products that we advise on, we can channel our time and resources to those areas which are most appropriate to our clients and their needs.  Our advisers use their own personal skills, knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure the most appropriate and suitable solutions are recommended to you.  For protection needs, we offer advice on products from a range of insurers for Life Assurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness, Permanent Health Insurance and Accident & Sickness Protection, which is the widest scope available to us.

By providing a holistic financial planning service, Capel Court can advise across all the main areas of financial planning whereby our advisers are able to consider all aspects of your financial circumstances before making recommendations which are designed to help you make the right decisions, at the right time and for the right reasons.  To find out more as to how we can help and be of service to you in regard to any area of financial planning then please contact us to arrange an introductory meeting, which is free and without obligation, with one of our advisers.

Life, Health and Income Protection

None of us knows what tomorrow may bring and life’s circumstance can change in the blink of an eye.  To help protect those we love and care about should the unthinkable happen as a result of an accident, ill health or death, we can assist in helping you to arrange the most appropriate cover through Life, Health and Income Protection planning.

Investment Planning

We firmly believe that the key to financial success is a diversified and balanced portfolio which is invested at a level of risk you feel comfortable with and are able to take.  By drawing on our years of professional experience and knowledge we are able to guide and assist our clients through the investment maze, helping them to make the financial decisions which are right for them.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can never begin soon enough.  We can offer you guidance and advice to plan for your future income requirements, covering all the various options available to you.  By taking into account your current circumstances, attitude to risk, time horizons and retirement objectives, we help you to make the right choices from the moment you make your first pension contribution through to the day you choose to take the benefits, and thereafter.

Inheritance Tax Planning & Trusts

The use of trusts in financial planning is becoming ever more popular.  By using trusts, a client can ensure that their estate is left to those whom they personally wish to benefit from it, whilst at the same time ensuring they have mitigated their exposure to Inheritance Tax.  Our advisers have many years of experience in helping clients to arrange their financial affairs in such a way that they can be totally confident and have peace of mind knowing that these objectives have been achieved.

Equity Release

Many individuals have benefitted over the last few decades of having the value of their homes increase significantly.  Equity Release schemes allow homeowners who are over 55 to gain access to the equity within their property, enabling funds to be raised for use at their discretion.

Long Term Care

With ongoing improvements in healthcare, many individuals are now living much longer, and as such, may find themselves in a position where that can no longer look after themselves, or they suffer with conditions which require professional care above and beyond that which the immediate family can provide.  At Capel Court we can talk through the various options available to client’s and present a number of solutions to assist in making what at times can be a very difficult decision.  We also work closely with other professionals, both legal and in the care community, to ensure all aspects of Long Term Care are right and appropriate for the client and their family.

How are Capel Court paid for their services?

We all want value for money and to be treated fairly when it comes to paying fees.  At Capel Court we offer 2 options as to how we are paid for the advice and services we provide, which are:

  • Direct Fee
    In accordance with our ‘Cost of Services’ (available on request) you agree to pay Capel Court directly for the advice and services provided.
  • Product Provider Facilitation
    In accordance with our ‘Cost of Services’ (available on request) this option allows you to pay the agreed fee via a deduction from your investment by the product provider (subject to the provider’s agreement), with any shortfall being paid directly by you.

Our commitment to you is that there are no hidden costs and no misunderstandings in regard to what services you are paying for and how much you have to pay for those services.