Professional Support Services

Designed with the legal and accountancy professions in mind, we offer a range of ancillary services which can help with the technicalities of investment administration.

Execution-Only Share Dealing

For the sale or purchase of any equity, investment trust, UK government gilt or fixed-interest stock listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Probate Valuations

We can provide valuations of stocks, shares and collective investments owned by a private client as at the date of their death for probate purposes.

Stock Transfers

For the transfer of UK-listed stocks, shares and other collective investments where the holding is to be re-registered and where applicable, a new certificate issued.

Replacement Share Certificates

We can obtain replacement share certificates for any UK-listed stocks & shares following the loss or misplacement of the originals.

For more information on any aspects of our Professional Support Services, including our costs, please Contact Us